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11 Years

of experience

Department of Bone & Joint

Dr. S. B. Solanki

Sr. Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon

MS (Ortho)  |     20 Years Experience

Department of Obst. & Gynaecology

Dr. Mitul Gupta

MS (OBST. & GYNAE.)  |     18 Years Experience

Dr. Richa Sharma

MS (OBST. & GYNAE.)  |     10 Years Experience

Dr. Neetu Bansal

MS (OBST. & GYNAE.)  |     8 Years Experience

Dr. Meenakshi Dakad

MS (OBST. & GYNAE.)  |     5 Years Experience

Department of Pediatrics

Dr. Jitendra Jain

MD (PAEDIATRICS)  |     10 Years Exeperience

Dr. Yogesh Garg

MD (PAEDIATRICS)  |     6 Years Exeperience

Department of Bariatric & General Surgery

Dr. Vijay Rathore

Bariatric & General Surgeon

MS (GENERAL SURGEON)  |     12 Years Experience

Dr. K.C. Bansal

General Surgeon

MS (GENERAL SURGEON)  |     10 Years Experience

Department of Ear,Nose and Throat

Dr. Rajendra Dabaria

MS (ENT )  |     17 Years Experience

Department of Medicine

Dr. Mukesh Jain

Sr. Physician

MD (Medicine) |     18 Years Experience

Dr. Sandeep Jain

Sr. Physician

MD (Medicine) |     12 Years Experience

Department of Opthalmology

Dr. Seema Shrivastava

Eye specialist & surgeon

MS (Opth.) |     14 Years Exeperience

Department of Urology

Dr. Lokesh Sharma


Mch (Urology) |     4 Years Exeperience

Department of Neurosciences

Dr. Yogesh Gupta


Mch (Neurosurgeon) |     4 Years Exeperience

Department of Dentistry

Dr. Manoj Tiwari 

Dental Surgeon

B.D.S. |     10 Years Experience

Department of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Sunish Goyal

Plastic Surgeon

Mch(Plastic Surgery) |     12 Years Exeperience

Dr. Ambrish Gupta

Plastic Surgeon

Mch(Plastic Surgery) |     20 Years Exeperience

Department of Physiotherapy

Dr. Deepak Sharma


D.P.T. |     8 Years Exeperience

Department of Diet & Nutrition

Dr. Mamta Sharma

DNHE |    4 Years Exeperience

Department of Radiology & Diagnostics

Dr. Sharad Gupta


DMRD |     23 Years Exeperience

Dr. P. K. Joshi


MD (Pathology) |    32 Years Exeperience