Chiranjeevi Yojana Hospital list in Jaipur

The Rajasthan government has started the Mukhyamantri Chiranjeevi Swasthya Bima Yojana for all the citizens of the state. Chiranjeevi Yojana has been started from 1 May 2021 for free for the farmers, laborers and poor people of the state. If you want to take advantage of this scheme, then you have to register yourself for it. So that you can get free medical services up to Rs 25 lakh in a hospital selected by the Government of Rajasthan.

What is Chiranjeevi Yojana ?

Chiranjeevi Yojna is a scheme launched by the State Government of Rajasthan. It is a health insurance scheme that provides cashless medical treatment to all the families of Rajasthan who comes under the eligibility criteria of the scheme. It was established by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot on 1 May 2021. According to this Scheme, the eligible person who is a permanent resident of Rajasthan can get health insurance up to 25 lakhs.

The Chiranjeevi Yojna hospital Jaipur provides a wide range of services, including preventive health check-ups, dental care, OPD services, specialist consultations, diagnostic services, and inpatient treatment. Employees and their dependents can also avail health insurance coverage under the scheme. The scheme is constantly being upgraded and expanded to provide better coverage and benefits to employees and their families.

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Rajasthan Chiranjeevi Yojana Benefit –

  • There are many benefits of Chiranjeevi Yojana. Out of which we are providing you information about some of the benefits and features.
  • A budget of 3500 crores has been allocated for the scheme in the budget of 2022-22 by the Rajasthan government.
  • The benefit of the scheme will be given to all the citizens of the state. So that each person can easily get their treatment up to 5 lakh rupees.
  • The scheme will be completely cashless. All payment will be done through DBT.
  • Farmers, laborers and poor BPL families will be given the benefit of the scheme free of cost.
  • Other native residents of the state can take advantage of this scheme by paying an annual premium of Rs 850 to buy insurance coverage.
  • Nursing colleges will be set up in 25 districts to improve healthcare.
  • With the launch of the scheme, every person of the state will get better health facilities. so that poor people can easily get their treatment
    Can be done in any major hospital.
  • Under Chiranjeevi Yojana, medical services for more than 576 serious diseases will be provided free of cost.

Tagore Hospital in Chiranjeevi Yojana Hospital List  Jaipur (GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL LIST)



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Eligibility Of Chiranjeevi Medical Scheme:-

  • Every family who is a permanent settler of Rajasthan is eligible for the Chiranjeevi medical insurance scheme of up to 5 lakhs.

  •  While the families who are registered for SECC 2011 will not have to register again.

  • While beneficiaries, marginal, small farmers, and contract workers will have to register from Emitra.

  •  All families apart from beneficiaries will have to pay 850rupees/per annum.

  •  Women heads of families covered under the Chiranjeevi Health Insurance scheme will now be given smartphones with free internet connectivity for 3 years. So that they can update themself with the latest updates.

How To Register For Chiranjeevi Medical Scheme 2021:-

In order to avail of benefits under this scheme, you are required to register for it. You can do it by following the steps given below at the SSO portal:

  •  Visit the SSO portal and register on the website.
  •  After filling out the form and its successful submission, you will receive the credentials.
  •  Using that ID and password, you will be able to access the information on the website anytime
  •  You will be able to open the dashboard using those credentials.
  •   Click on the application form and fill it out.
  •  Take a photocopy of the form after submitting it.

How to Check Your Status Of Chiranjeevi Yojna:-

After you have submitted the application form for Mukhyamantri Chiranjeevi Yojana, it will be assessed by the authorities.

  • The details in the form will be cross verified and once it’s done you will receive a link of status, which will get activated in your dashboard
  • Using this link you will be able to find you are on which stage of the process
  •  In case of rejection, you will get a notification on your Status
  • You as an applicant need to check online to check your status
  • The scheme does not cover State and central government employees, but the government is planning to start the RHGS cashless hospital service soon.

Things You Should Know About Chiranjeevi Yojna:-

  • With this scheme, Rajasthan becomes the first state in India to provide universal insurance coverage to all the people.
  •  Far till now around 12 lakh people have availed free medical treatment from this scheme
  •  According to the latest budget announcement, the annual medical coverage amount has been increased from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 25 lakh with an additional accident cover worth Rs 10 lakh.
  • In the latest budget expensive health treatments like heart transplants and liver transplants and bone marrow transplants are also added to the scheme of medical treatments
  •  Health insurance coverage will be offered for up to Rs. 25 Lakh
  •  Applicants are required to pay Rs. 850 annually to be able to avail of benefits under the scheme
  •  Families have to apply for the scheme online to seek cover under it.
  • A budget of 3500 crores has been allocated for the scheme in the budget of 2022-22 by the Rajasthan government.
  • Farmers, laborers, and poor BPL families will be given the benefit of the scheme free of cost.
  • Other natives can also avail of the medical scheme by paying 850 rupees/annum as insurance money.
  • Nursing colleges are set up in 25 districts to improve health conditions.

Required Documents for the ChiranjeeviBimaYojana

  •  Details of the Aadhar card’s associated bank account
  •   Registered permanent mobile number
  •   Card for rations Residential certificate
  •  A voter identification card or Pan Card
  • A photograph the size of a passport and your signature on your driving license

Main Points of The Chiranjeevi Yojana Hospital List in Jaipur 

Scheme CM Chiranjeevi Bima Yojana 2022
launch By  Rajasthan Govt
Language   Hindi English
Beneficiary State Citizens
Benefit 25 lakhs health Insurance
Objective every one provide health care
Registration/Apply Online / Offline
Official website Click Here
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Tagore Hospital In Chiranjeevi Yojna hospital list in jaipur 

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Tagore hospitals provide the best medical care with 24/7 service at the cheapest price for the most expensive cures if you have availed of Chiranjeevi Yojna then most of your cures will be covered under Yojna insurance.

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