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Ear, Nose, and Throat are the sensory organs that together forms face and neck. Patients faces many ears, nose, and throat complications, moreover, doctors group these conditions together. 

There are many problems that affect ear, nose, and throat. Some problems are not complex, while some are and involve multiple body systems. 

An Otolaryngologist also known as ENT is the specialist who understands the structures of ears, nose, and throat, moreover, know how to treat associated complications. 

What does ENT mean? 

The ears, nose, and throat are the sensory organs that humans utilize every day to perform their day-to-day functions. 

The ears help human to hear, and the inner ear helps to manage. The body and provide a sense of balance.

The nose helps body to smell and also guide with taste. When we breathe through nose, the air humidifies, and get filtered before going to the lungs. 

The throat opens the way for air to enter to the lungs and voice box. It also connects the mouth to the esophagus, through which the food goes down to reach the digestive system. 

These organs and their tissues create part of the complex structures of the neck and face, and gather the crucial structures within the head. 

What conditions are treated by Otolaryngologists? 

Otolaryngologists treat various medical conditions. One can visit to see if they are suffering from the following problems- 
•    An ear problem, including infection, trouble with balance, or hearing loss.
•    Nose and nasal issues like allergies, sinusitis, or growths.
•    Infections or tumors of head or neck.
•    Sleep trouble like snoring or obstructive sleep apnea, in which your airway is narrow or blocked and interrupts your breathing while you sleep.
•    Throat issues like tonsillitis, difficulty swallowing, and voice issues.

Other ENT symptoms:

A person must visit an ENT specialist if they are found facing any of the below problems also- 
•    hoarseness
•    loss of taste
•    dizziness
•    snoring
•    Eustachian tube dysfunctions
•    cysts or growths in the throat
•    cancers of the head and neck
•    deviated septum
•    balance issues
•    impacted ear wax
•    ruptured eardrum
•    drainage from the ear
•    implanting hearing devices
•    blockages in the nose
•    the collapse of the nasal passage or valves
•    facial plastic surgery
•    voice disorders and other issues in the vocal cords
•    problems with the thyroid and parathyroid hormones

Why Tagore Hospital is known as the best ENT Hospital? 

If anyone is suffering from complications that affect their ear, nose, throat, or any area related to that, then they must visit Tagore Hospital, the best ENT Hospital in Jaipur, to have successful ENT treatment. The experts assure the successful treatment without any risk or suffering. The atmosphere provided in the Hospital is suitable and preferable for all patients with advanced technology and techniques.

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Symptoms of a sore throat can include:


  • mild to severe pain in the back of your throat
  • a dry or scratchy feeling in your throat
  • pain when swallowing or talking
  • swollen tonsils
  • swollen glands in your neck or jaw
  • white patches on your tonsils
  • hoarseness
  • redness in the back of your throat

Ear pain symptoms can include:

  • dull, sharp, or burning pain in one or both ears
  • muffled hearing
  • a popping sound or sensation in the ear
  • the feeling of fullness in the ear
  • fluid drainage from the ear

When the ear becomes infected, inflammation and buildup of pressure cause severe pain. People with ear infections suffer from other symptoms, like sinus pressure or a sore throat, because infections from nearby areas may affect the ear.

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