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Neurology is a medical field that centers on the intricate nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. It addresses conditions such as epilepsy, Alzheimer's, and stroke, delving into the intricacies of bodily communication and function.

Best Neurology Hospital in Jaipur - Tagore Hospital 

Neurological disorders are the kind of diseases that disturb the brain or autonomic and central nervous system. It is essential to search out the what type of Neurological disorder it is, to easily recognize its symptoms.

A neurologist is a professional who treats the diseases that are associated with the brain and nervous system. Moreover, treat illnesses including learning disabilities, neurodevelopmental disorders, and central nervous system complications. 

What are the causes of Neurological disorder?

The neurological disorder can occur due to the below-mentioned causes-

  • Infections
  • Physical Injuries
  • Environmental Influences
  • Nutrition-related causes
  • Genetics
  • Lifestyle-related causes

What are the physical symptoms of Neurological Problems? 

Some of the common Neurological problems include-

  • Muscle weakness
  • Unusual pain
  • Problem while reading or writing
  • Seizures
  • No alertness
  • Poor cognitive abilities
  • Loss of sensation
  • Complete or partial paralysis

Types of Neurology Diseases

There are various causes of neurological disorders that can be caused by injuries, faulty genes, malnutrition, infection, or a response to an infection. Tagore Hospital is one the best neurology hospital in India that treat all types of neurological disorders. The different types of neurological diseases and disorders are- 


  • Problems at the developmental stages of the nervous system such as spina bifida.
  • Genetic diseases such as muscular dystrophy and Huntington’s disease.
  • Degenerative or demyelinating diseases
  • Memory loss and dementia 
  • Problems with the blood supply to the brain cause cerebrovascular disease such as a stroke
  • Sleep disorders
  • Infections
  • Spinal cord disorders
  • Cancers
  • Speech and learning disorders
  • Headache disorders such as migraines
  • Seizures
  • Pinched nerves
  • Tremors or uncontrolled movements

Why Tagore Hospital? 

Tagore Hospital known as one of the best Neurology Hospital in Jaipur utilize the latest technique. At Tagore Hospital, we use a new technique known as temporary endovascular bypass. Other neurological procedures are also practiced to treat several neurological complications. Our specialist tries to focus on preventions rather than cure, and try to make the treatment successful. 
The Neurological complications and diseases our neurologists treat- 

  • Autism, learning disabilities
  • Epilepsy, dizziness, and fainting
  • Chronic tension or stress-related headache, migraine
  • Persistent backache and spine problems
  • Nerve-related issues 
  • Cancers and tumors
  • Short-term memory loss and dementia
  • Parkinson's disease, cerebral stroke
  • Meningitis or brain fever
  • Sleep apnoea, semi-somnia, insomnia (sleep disorders)

Frequently Asked Question

•    Lifestyle changes play crucial role to prevent or lessen the effect of such disorders.  
•    Physiotherapy to maintain the symptoms and make the function run accurately.
•    Pain maintenance, as many impairments can promote considerable discomfort.
•    Medication to run the function accurately without making that patient’s condition worse.

Neurological complications are the injury or disorder in the functioning of the brain, nerves, or spine. Neurological or Neurology are the disorders that affect our nervous system. 

Some of the common signs of nerve damage-

  • Numbness or Tingling in the hands and feet. 
  • Weaken muscles of legs or arms.
  • Uncontrollable pain in your legs, feet, hands, or arms.
  • Feeling like you’re wearing tight socks or gloves.
  • Dropping the hold objects. 
  • Feeling a buzzing sensation. 

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